Adulting: Why millennials must get a credit card

Consumer Reports - This could shock you: Turns out more and more millennials really don't have a bank card. And although that might sound wise, Customer Reviews says going devoid of a bank card is a major error.

Your credit score figures into all kinds of money transactions -- receiving a home loan, auto insurance coverage, a vehicle loan. So you cannot possess the ideal credit score unless of course you employ a bank card responsibly.

You ought to aim to get a credit score of about 650 or increased. And credit providers use accounts for about 30% of that score. To obtain the most beneficial credit score score, it's important to spend all your charge card expenses on time and in complete.

To prevent bank card pitfalls, set up payment alerts on your smartphone. And do not preserve your bank card information on file with merchants. Which will make it too uncomplicated to click and obtain.

Consumer Reviews says there’s a further advantage to credit cards - they have crucial fraud protections that debit cards together with other varieties of payment may not.
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