Income crunch leads to drop in rates of perishable items

KOCHI: The chaos more than short supply of currency notes of lower denominations has resulted in drop in costs of vegetables, fruits, fish together with other perishable goods by an normal of 15 to 20%.
Shopkeepers mentioned that is as a consequence of difficulty in giving modify of decrease denomination and people shying far from smaller retailers. There is absolutely no shortage in provide of important commodities, but traders are not able to settle payments for your truckloads of products that arrive from diverse states. This has even resulted in skirmishes involving merchants and suppliers. Traders say they have no option but to sell items at lowered rates.
On Saturday the selling price of tomato went right down to Rs 8 per kg. Kumar, a wholesale vegetable dealer explained tomatoes were trading at Rs 15 kg. "The price of potatoes have come down to Rs 24 kg from Rs 30 per kg. The selling price of carrots have touched Rs 25 per kg from Rs 30 per kg," he stated. He mentioned they suffered extreme reduction in shallots. "If customers have to have shallots they'll really need to buy a minimum amount of two kg and that is priced at Rs thirty. In lieu of minimizing price tag we increased quality to promote it out at the earliest," he said.
The scenario is just not diverse in regards to fruits. A kilo of apple is at the moment accessible at Rs 90. "It was marketing at Rs 130 per kg. When people begun providing Rs 500 notes we didn't have ample alter to offer balance," mentioned Rafeeq, a fruit stall proprietor. The cost of orange has come right down to Rs 38 from Rs 42. Some compact scale vendors straight go to Tamil Nadu together with other neigbouring states for procuring oranges and apples. They sell two kg at a fee of Rs twenty. "All these contribute for the reduction of wholesalers."
Fish brought towards the market can be sold at inexpensive prices. "Good wide range of fish (that is reduce into pieces) are getting offered at Rs a hundred per kg. Earlier the rate was Rs 200 per kg," stated Prince, a fish vendor.
Aside from the trouble in obtaining change, the limitations imposed on withdrawing money from ATMs and banks have hampered enterprises.
Ernakulam marketplace stall owners' association secretary, Shameer explained that middle-class people today opted for hyper markets and buying malls wherever debit and bank cards have been accepted. "As we can not make payment on a regular basis it truly is hard to make sure steady provide," he said.
Consumers may also be having a tough time. "It is difficult to get modify for your new Rs two,000 note. When you are known towards the merchants they're going to assist you to get necessary objects on credit score," said Johnson C, a purchaser.

Kerala egg dealers association president C J George said in the event the problem continued the selling price of eggs would go down inside the coming week.
Meanwhile, for a lot of traders who deal with luxury solutions, it really is not only a problem of lack of modify or availability of smaller sized denomination currencies. These merchants and their prospects opt to deal in money and never cash in form of cards or cheques.
You will find merchants who bluntly refuse to accept cheques. Simon Paul who offers in lighting items explained, "I will not accept cheques. I have had many circumstances previously the place the cheques have bounced, and what follows is often a huge headache."
He also explained that he refused to accept cards at the same time.
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