Maximize your crop insurance coverage advantage

Jason Alexander, Vice President-Crop InsuranceOne of several things our Farm Credit crop insurance coverage specialists like to do is ride within the combine with shoppers. Not only can we bring the paperwork along and speak even though what-if scenarios, we can see firsthand exactly what the crop predicament is. One particular instance is southern Indiana, exactly where the corn on high ground looked genuinely great despite the fact that the low ground corn was stunted by an excessive amount of moisture. Time in the combine seat with our farmers offers us a opportunity to talk about how each field tends to execute in distinct sorts of climate and brainstorm about distinctive crop insurance coverage methods.

As pockets of trouble turn up inside the field, we want our farmers to contact us. A single farmer even sent a video from his combine displaying his field challenges and concerns on what-if scenarios. Our team thrives on obtaining farmer input about how harvest is going and how crops appear. Even if you have already completed harvest, it is usually an excellent idea to meet along with your Farm Credit insurance coverage specialist although field conditions are fresh inside your mind.

What-if scenarios

Variability inside fields may perhaps impact both short-term and long-term plans. Quick term, you may want to acquire approval to destroy a crop as a total loss, or to harvest it as silage. In such situations, an adjuster have to come out, inspect and sign off ahead of you finish the field. Long-term organizing might involve helping you decide no matter whether you ought to be insuring by optional units (by farm) or enterprise units (complete crop by county). The distinctive yield variability within a field, from field to field or farm to farm can make a major difference in what structure works very best for you.

Tobacco producers might be a superb example for all farmers. Wet circumstances on some tobacco fields this year could result in poor yields or poor good quality. Tobacco insurance coverage claims are an extremely regimented step-by-step approach that starts within the field and continue in to the curing barn. When in doubt, be proactive and get in touch with us. With tobacco or any crop, communication along with your Farm Credit crop insurance specialist is essential to helping be sure you have the correct insurance and that your claims are submitted adequately to be paid in the end with the year.
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